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Brief overview of Great Wall’s performance in 2015

---------   [ 2016-01-28 ]

Great Wall sold a total of 753,226 passenger automobiles in 2015, 23.0% more than the 612,459 vehicles it sold in 2014. Factoring in pick-up truck sales, Great Wall’s automobile sales for the year totaled 852,693 units, enabling the manufacturer to just meet its annual sales target of 850,000 units. Great Wall is anticipating sales growth of 11.4% in the new year, setting a preliminary annual sales target of 950,000 passenger automobile sales in 2016.

A total of 662,471 Great Wall SUVs were sold in 2015, representing year-on-year growth of 54.3%. SUVs made up 88.0% of all of Great Wall’s passenger automobile sales for the year, up 17.9 percentage points from 2014. By comparison Great Wall sedan sales for 2015 only totaled 90,755 units, down a full 50.4% from the previous year.

Great Wall’s Haval series of SUVs were among its best-selling models, with the Haval H6 alone accounting for 49.6% of the manufacturer’s total passenger automobile sales. The Haval H6’s annual sales totaled 373,229 units, up 18.2% from the previous year. December is the Haval H6’s best-performing month on record, with a total of 42,553 units sold, representing year-on-year growth of 35.6%. Monthly sales of the Haval H6 exceeded the 40,000 units mark from September to December.

Sales of the Haval H2 in 2015 totaled 168,467 units, compared to only 49,351 units sold over the course of the previous year. December was also a record sales month for the Haval H2, when a total of 20,022 units were sold. The Haval H2’s strong performance was due in large part to its precise market positioning.
By comparison, sales of the Haval H5 and M series both fell year-on-year. 2015 sales of the entire M series of so-called ‘mini-SUVs’ totaled 36,577, down 59.4% year-on-year, while sales of the Haval H5 totaled 23,208 units, down 49.5% year-on-year.
Great Wall’s two luxury SUV models, the Haval H8 and Haval H9, managed to achieve annual sales volumes of 8,985 units and 14,011 units, respectively. The gap between these two models and the rest of Great Wall’s SUVs is due primarily to the differences in prices and target consumers.

Despite being on the market for just over a year, the Haval H1 has managed to accumulate total sales of 74,571 units this year. December sales of the Haval H1 exceeded the 10,000 mark, totaling 11,730 units.

Great Wall’s emphasis on its SUV models has led to its presence in the sedan segment diminishing. Sedan sales accounted for just 12.0% of Great Wall’s total passenger automobile sales in 2015. Sales of both the C30 and C50 sedans fell by large margins in 2015. Sales of the C30 dropped 35.2% to 34,005 units, while sales of the C50 fell 48.0% to 20,081 units.